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  1. This is a Vuepress theme with the necessary features for a blog: categories, tags, pagination, comments, etc.
  2. This minimalistic theme modifies the default theme but the default configs still apply
  3. You could open 午后南杂 (opens new window) to see an example

# Play Together

# 0.x

vuepress-theme-reco@0.x is based on blog theme of vuepress@0.x

vuepress@0.x has simple features, is only good for simple documentation, and supports theme customization. Actually it is the simplicity that drives me to build a blog theme for VuePress. After an all-nighter, I built the very first version for vuepress-theme-reco@0.x.

This theme has just been open sourced recently and many friends have proposed great suggestions in various ways, so I am actively updating the theme.

Since I am a frontend engineer, I always wanted to add some fancy visual effects but finally ridded them because of minimalism. After all, I see reco as a product, rather than a random trial.

# 1.x

As more users asked me why vuepress-theme-reco@0.x can't be used on top of vuepress@1.x, originally I wanted to fixed some simple bugs but finally decided to develop vuepress-theme-reco@1.x. At another 2:30a.m. (quite productive at night), I quietly started.

The core update was the offical plugin @vuepress/plugin-blog, which doesn't filter data any more but stored the metadata in $categories and $tags. The plugin traded simpler realization of categorization and tagging with limitations. In the following 2 or 3 days, I was migrating features and debugging.

During the development of vuepress-theme-reco@1.x, I understand deeper the importance of modular programming. If I had not modulazied some features but directly copy and paste, I wouldn't have updated the theme that easily. The more modules a project is divided into, the more flexible in actual usage.


I sincerely hope more friends will opt in and better this theme. If time allows, I will open source a CLI (a scaffolding tool) to auto generate a blog. Users can go over the config step and directly write great content. It has been my aspiration to make this theme incorporate more features and easier to use.

# Contributors

My sincerely thanks go to the contributors!

GitHub Username Contribution History
kangxu (opens new window) vuepress-theme-reco@0.x (opens new window)
Ekko (opens new window) vuepress-theme-reco-demo@1.x (opens new window)

I also thank our beautiful lady designers!

GitHub Username Contribution History
Zoey Revised Theme Logo
冰冰 Original Theme Logo

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# License

MIT (opens new window)