We have collected some usual questions here. If you don't find the answer you want here, please read VuePress' default theme config (opens new window). As final resort, you could post an issue on GitHub (opens new window).

Please note that this theme includes almost all features from VuePress' default theme. Thus, this FAQ only serves to introduce extra features. If you've found some features this site hasn't mentioned, or you want to know some features in default theme, please go to the official documentation (opens new window).

# 1. How to Add icon-font?

  1. Put font files under public folder, then in enhanceApp.js import the css file among the font files.
  2. If your icon's full className is class="iconfont icon-myIcon", configure icon-font as { text: 'Home', link: '/', icon: 'iconfont icon-myIcon' }.

# 2. How to Show Abstract?

Anything above <!-- more --> is the abstract.

title: Abstract
date: 2019-11-01

Stuff here will be shown as abstract.

1. can put text here
2. can put a photo here as post cover

<!-- more -->

This is the main body of the post

Sorry, you can't.

# 4. On the Home Page, How to Set the Avatar in Infobar on the Right and the Icon in Navbar on the Left?

The avatar in infobar on the right is configured by themeConfig.authorAvatar in .vuepress/config.js:

// .vuepress/config.js
module.exports = {
  themeConfig: {
    authorAvatar: '/avatar.png'

The icon in navbar on the left is configured by themeConfig.logo in .vuepress/config.js:

// .vuepress/config.js
module.exports = {
  themeConfig: {
    logo: '/head.png'

Moreover, don't forget to put your pictures in .vuepress/public/.

# 5. Is There Any Rule to Where to Put My Blogs?

You could put your blogs anywhere, but have to make sure they are places VuePress could parse. For example, if your command is vuepress dev docs, then position your blogs under docs/. Our theme doesn't force you to put under a specific subdirectory, and you could specify that yourself. Please see this documentation (opens new window) for more info on directory structure.

# 6. How Doesn't the Sidebar Show h1 Title?

In vuepress-theme-reco, Please forgot h1 and instead use frontmatter (opens new window) for the title and other article metadata. The main body starts from h2.

# 7. How to Solve the Issue of Showing Comments in Version 1.1.0?

This has been solved in version 1.1.0`.

# 8. How to Customize the Comment Section?

VuePress allows you to add styles for your website in .vuepress/styles/index.styl. You could change almost all styles of the theme (including the comment section). Please see this documentation (opens new window) for more info on how to add extra styles.

# 9. Is the Click-to-Zoom feature Supported?

In version 1.1.1, the theme has set @vuepress/medium-zoom as a built-in plugin, which enables the click-to-zoom feature. Please see The Theme's Built-in Plugins for more details.

# 10. What If the Plugin or Theme Doesn't Work?

Since configuration and usage of theme and plugin are quite similar (theme/index.js is also a plugin in VuePress), the word "plugin" is used in place of "plugin or theme".

Please follow these steps to check:

  1. see if the plugin has been loaded in the compilation output info in terminal
  • if plugin is not loaded, please check if config.js is customized correctly
  • if plugin is loaded with error, please check if it has been downloaded and installed
  • if plugin still can't be loaded after being downloaded and installed, please delete node-modules/ and reinstall dependencies (yarn is recommended over npm)
  1. if the plugin affects the frontend, please check if the console reports any error and debug accordingly
  2. check the options supported in the documentation and reconfigure config.js
  3. search for similar issues and solutions in the project or community of the plugin