Kanban Girl


# Introduction


kan-ban-niang plugin for vuepress-theme-reco or other vuepress themes.

# Name

  • As plugin: @vuepress-reco/vuepress-plugin-kan-ban-niang
  • As component: KanBanNiang (auto appear in the page, no need for extra code)

# Buttons

Button Use Default Tip
home Back to home of blog You are the apple of my eye and I want to bring you home
message Show site title 'Welcome to ' + Your site title ($site.title)
theme Modify theme OK, I hope you love my other friends
close Close kanbannaing I love you most
info Jump to plugin's GitHub page Do you want to know more about me?

This plugin hasn't been translated to English yet and the above default tip is merely translation of the Chinese version.

# Option API

default parameters when using the plugin


# theme

  • description: default theme
  • type: Array
  • default: ['blackCat', 'whiteCat', 'haru1', 'haru2', 'haruto', 'koharu', 'izumi', 'shizuku', 'wanko', 'miku', 'z16']
  • accepted-values:
    • if theme includes only one value, default to this theme and hide the button to change theme
    • if theme includes multiple values, default to the first theme and randomly switch to other themes when theme button is clicked
    • note the case of theme name
    • see available themes at the end

# clean

  • description: if clean mode is on (hide all buttons)
  • type: Boolean
  • default: false
  • accepted-values: true | false

# messages

  • description: message tip
  • type: Object
  • default:
        welcome: '欢迎来到 ' + 您的站点名称($site.title),
        home: '心里的花,我想要带你回家。',
        theme: '好吧,希望你能喜欢我的其他小伙伴。',
        close: '你知道我喜欢吃什么吗?痴痴地望着你。'
  • accepted-values: see the end

# messageStyle

  • description: customize message style
  • type: Object
  • default:
      right: '68px',
      bottom: '190px'

# modelStyle

  • description: customize model style
  • type: Object
  • default:
      right: '90px',
      bottom: '-20px',
      opacity: '0.9'

# btnStyle

  • description: customize button style
  • type: Object
  • default:
      right: '90px',
      bottom: '40px',

# width

  • description: theme width
  • type: Number
  • default: 150

# height

  • description: theme height
  • type: Number
  • default: 220

# Available Themes


# About

  • reference plugin: @Qi (opens new window) https://github.com/QiShaoXuan/vuepress-plugin-cat
  • theme repo: @Qi (opens new window) https://github.com/QiShaoXuan/live2DModel
  • theme auto hides if failed to load
  • speed is unstable when loading static assets
  • could use other theme by downloading the plugin and change theme url

# Contributors